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The Virgo Orbital Research Establishment (aka VORE Station) is a roleplaying server for the game 'Space Station 13' on the BYOND platform. You play as an employee of the trans-stellar corporation known as Nanotrasen, 300 years into the future from today, working on one of their research stations posted on the very edge of colonized space; the Virgo-Erigone star system. However, unlike most stations owned by Nanotrasen, here in the Virgo system, the crew consists of various predatory alien species! Why? Maybe it's all a sick social experiment by Nanotrasen. Maybe it's a cruel plot for a reality TV show. Maybe it's the only crew available out on the very fringe frontiers of explored space, and Nanotrasen will certainly hire almost anyone. No one is really certain why, but V.O.R.E. has a reputation for its crew members going missing without a trace.

Space is a dangerous and violent place, and that's without the various humanoid creatures aboard the station trying to swallow you whole! Nanotrasen has made numerous enemies during their rise to power. Lax hiring standards mean accidents are commonplace and (dangerous) sentient alien species are abundant in the diverse crew.

So who will you be? An engineer, tasked to keep the station powered and intact enough to be hospitable; a scientist trying to unlock the secrets of the sub-reality called Redspace; the station's artificial intelligence who serves and protects the crew; a member of security desperately trying to keep the peace amidst the occasional chaos, or a humble janitor who just wants to get paid and go drink at the bar? Can you do your job without becoming a meal for some gluttonous Unathi or ravenous Xenomorph? Will an accident in science leave you shrunken to the size of a mouse? Come on over and find out if you dare.